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Using CSS

There are a number of fine places on the web to go to get more information about CSS. The following annotated list contains a few of the better ones:

CSS Cheat Sheet
A concise, easy to use quick reference for CSS properties and the values that they can take.
MSDN CSS Resources
The Mozilla Developer Network site is a great place to go for a high quality documentation on a wide range of web technologies. The CSS resources include a reference, a tutorial, and a demos section.
W3C CSS/Training
The World Wide Web Consortium is the offical standards body for World Wide Web standards, including CSS. So you can't find a more authoritative tutorial than this one.
This site contains numerous brief explainations and illustrations of applied CSS.
w3schools has tutorials on a wide range of web mastering topics. The CSS Tutorial is a good place to start for further study of this topic.
HTML Dog CSS Tutorials
HTML Dog provides clearly written and nice looking tutorials and references on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
CSS Zen Garden
The CSS Zen Garden is the place to visit if you want to see what web masters and artists can do with CSS to make a website beautiful.
Web Design Group
The Web Design Group provides a complete set of resources for CSS, including tutorials, structure guide, properties list, and syntax checker, which are also available in Spanish.
Color Scheme Designer
Color Scheme Designer provides a handy twist on a color wheel by using it to generate combinations of colors that will work well together on a web page.
Learn CSS Layout
This clearly written and beautifully illustrated little tutorial takes you step-by-step through understanding basic CSS layout.
Farewell Floats: The Future of CSS Layout
While a pre-grid article, it still does a good job explaining some of the history and challenges of web design layout and helps make clear the issues that grid was designed to solve.
Grid Garden
Learn CSS grid layout by playing a game.
Grid by Example
Adopted by major web browsers in 2017, CSS grid layout is the coolest thing ever to happen to CSS layout. This clearly presented resource provides a great introduction to this must know technology.

Process of Website Creation

The following provide a general overview of the process of website creation:

How to Make a Website: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide by Matt Banner
Now that you have the skills to make a website, where do you create one? This step-by-step guide offers recommendations and describes the process.
First Site Guides
A wonderful collection of PDF guides including How to Make a Website and Web Hosting Explained.

Business of Website Creation

The following provide more information about the business of website development:

Website Development for Company Success
The Fueled website in general is a great place to visit to see beautiful web pages cleanly written using the full range of the latest web standards. The Website Development for Company Success page provides concise, clearly written advice for running a web business.


  1. Visit several of the resources above. Create a web page in a file named onmyown.html and create an ordered list of 5 specific things you find in your search that are not discussed in this tutorial. Cite the source of each finding and include a link to it. As always, be sure your page validates for both HTML and CSS.
  2. Create a web page in a file named seewhaticando.html . Using everything you have learned so far, design a page that enables you to strut your stuff. You can think of this page as the one you would want to show to an employer if you were applying for a job as a webmaster.