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Lesson n:

SVG is still an emerging technology, but there are a number of resources available to learn more about it. The following annotated list contains a few of the better ones:

W3C SVG Working Group
The W3C SVG Working Group is the group within the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) responsible for the development of the SVG standard. Visit this site for the lastest information on what is happening with development of the SVG technology.
MDN SVG Tutorial
The Mozilla Developer Network SVG Tutorial is a wonderful place to go to continue your study of SVG.
Learn SVG
A web site dedicated to helping people learn to use SVG. Just what we are looking for.
Learning SVG: A Base
A clean, good looking tutorial aimed at giving you a foundation in using SVG.
SVG Tutorial
A clearly written, easy to read tutorial on SVG by Jakob Jenkov.
SVG Tutorial
The SVG tutorial from
Inkscape is an open-source vector graphics editor similar to Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Freehand, or Xara X. What makes Inkscape special is its use of SVG as its native file format.


  1. Visit the resources above. Create a web page in a file named my_svg_gallary.html and create a gallary of 5 or more graphics created by you using new things you learned from visiting the resources.
  2. Create a web page in a file named seewhaticando.html . Using everything you have learned so far combining HTML, CSS, and now SVG, design a page that enables you to strut your stuff. You can think of this page as the one you would want to show to an employer if you were applying for a job as a webmaster.