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There are a number of fine places on the web to go to get more information about SQLite and SQL in general. The following annotated list contains a few of the better ones:
This is the official website for SQLite. Since SQLite is used mostly by software developers who need a small, embedded, serverless, relational database system, the documentation on this site is very technical and not very friendly to folks using SQLite to learn about SQL (That's why we wrote this tutorial in the first place ;-) The Command Line Shell For SQLite is one page on this site you may find pretty useful.
ShowMeDo: SQLite from Python: Database Basics
This ShowMeDo video demonstrates using SQLite from Python.
This is a wonderful, easy to use SQL tutorial covering several popular database applications, including SQLite.
w3schools SQL Tutorial
A general tutorial on SQL concepts, which can easily be applied to SQLite.
An interactive on-line introductory SQL tutorial that lets you try out the examples through the included web based server.
free(code) SQLite Tutorial
This is a specific SQLite tutorial that assumes an SQL background.
Stanford Introduction to Databases
On-line course materials don't get much better than this! And the SQL examples use SQLite. This is a challenging, Stanford University level introductory database course. Excellent!


  1. Visit several of the resources above...