Python for Fun

Python for Fun turns 20 this year. From the first project "Lisp in Python" to the current latest "Binary Trees and Functional Programming", the site is and remains a collection of fairly small projects created mostly for fun. They are aimed at the intermediate programmer; people who know Python and are fairly comfortable with OOP and perhaps a bit of basic recursion. Most programs are quite short, generally a few pages of code and all of the projects are accompanied with a write-up.

Since 1995 I have found Python to be an excellent programming language, heads above others I have used professionally and for fun. I've enjoyed watching Python take a very clear lead in the last several years among programming languages used in the Computer Science as well as in the sciences departments at my Alma Mater (University of Oregon).

I hope you enjoy these projects as much as I have. If you have comments or suggestions for improvements You can email me at mailme.html

Many thanks to Paul Carduner and Jeff Elkner for their work on this page, especially for Paul's graphic of “Psyltherin” (apologies to Harry Potter) and to the teams behind reStructured text and Sphinx.