jQuery Zoo

Our Zoo contains a collection of simple web pages illustrating features of jQuery. These can be most useful in learning by example.


  1. Don't Click Me! by Jeffrey Elkner
  2. One Page FAQ by Jeffrey Elkner
  3. .hover and .toggleClick Events by Jeffrey Elkner
  4. Display and Visibility Properties 1 by Jeffrey Elkner
  5. Display Properties 2 by Jeffrey Elkner
  6. jCanvas Demo 1: Drawing a Black Box by Daniel Hilla
  7. jCanvas Demo 2: Blue Star by Jeffrey Elkner
  8. jCanvase Demo 3: Alternating Canvases by Jeffrey Elkner
  9. Guessing Game by Douglas Cerna
  10. Aunt Emily's Cats by Jeffrey Elkner
  11. Simple Slide Show
  12. Photo Slide Show with Slick Caption Kevin Liew
  13. Dropit dropdown menu

Anyone with an animal to share with our zoo is strongly encouraged to send your submission to jeff at elkner.net. While we can't pay you anything for your valuable work, you will surely recieve our undying gratitude!

-- Jeff the zookeeper Elkner