Inline Elements

Inline elements are used to markup text inside a block element like a paragraph or division. Each element does different things to the text. This text is in a strong element. This text is in a bold (b) element. Bold and strong seem to have the same effect. This is emphasised (em) text. It seems to look the same as this italicized text here.

Putting text inside quote elements, like this quoted text here, makes the text display with quotation marks around it. Code (code) tags are meant source code examples. They look like code text here. The keyboard element (kbd) looks the same, keyboard text here, but is meant for examples of user entered data.

Superscript and subscript elements do what they say. this is superscript and this is subscript.

Span elements don't seem to do anything at all. I've put about every other inside span tags. Can you tell which is which?